So it looks like that’s it. If you are Donald Trump, you get to exchange American power, money and influence with foreign powers in return for personal gain. You get to diminish America’s standing in the world in return while improving your own. You get to invite or extort America’s foreign enemies to attack your rivals and corrupt the next election without consequence. You may rely on Senate Republicans to stop election protection bills like those now gathering dust on Mitch McConnell’s desk. You can then use the future election you are corrupting as an excuse to avoid any present consequence for your actions.


In short, you get to gut the Constitutional democratic republic you and every Member of Congress swore an oath to protect. And Republicans will formally make themselves complicit in all of it when they vote to acquit following this historically unprecedented pseudo trial in which extremely relevant witness testimony and documentary evidence were excluded.


This struggle isn’t entirely about Donald Trump. It’s about defeating those who are destroying America’s historic and founding principles for their own short-term gain. The Republican Party is attacking democracy, equal rights, the rule of law and the Constitution, but we can fight harder and win if we remember what is at stake.