An accomplished Attorney with strong communication skills and extensive experience

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I am an accomplished, goal-oriented attorney with extensive experience in civil litigation and a deep commitment to progressive political activism. I have a track record of litigating to successful settlements and verdicts on behalf of individuals in cases as varied as workplace liability, transportation, product liability, rape, assault and business contract disputes.

I have leveraged my background in a wide variety of legal subjects to counsel lawyers and individuals on corporate liability, health care facility maintenance, nonprofit formation and dispute settlement issues. While I am a strong legal researcher, enjoy open debate and try to make a personal connection with every client and colleague in order to serve their interests well, I am most motivated by the notion of making my contribution to achieving  a more just, equitable and sustainable world. We can all make a broader impact.

I began my career working for a progressive Democratic Member of Congress on environmental, energy, national defense and judiciary issues. Later, I helped found a first 0f its kind progressive talk radio station, worked on progressive campaigns at all levels and contributed to my local community by serving on local boards and getting involved in coaching youth sports and academic teams. I have continued serving nonprofits and community organizations pro bono.

Most recently, I was appointed to The Barrington Economic Development Commission and served on the LGBTQ+ Inaugural Pride Flag Raising Ceremony Committee. If you have a civil litigation matter in New York or if you are part of a progressive organization or campaign in need of in-house counsel, let's talk.

Civil Litigation Experience

With vast experience in all aspects of New York State civil litigation in a wide variety of cases, I am well positioned to serve New York law firms and civil litigation clients.

Progressive Values

I have worked in Congress, for nonprofits and on behalf of community organizations in order to achieve a more just, equitable and sustainable world, many times on a pro bono basis.

Campaigns & Elections

I have experience working on behalf of progressive campaigns and organizations at all levels The same principles that apply to winning cases apply to winning campaigns. Make no mistake, our democracy is under attack and we need fierce advocates (and not just lawyers) to save it.