An accomplished Attorney with strong communication skills and extensive experience

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I am a results-driven attorney with extensive experience in civil litigation and a passion for progressive politics. I am also an articulate communicator with natural expertise in delivering impactful public presentations and compelling oral arguments. I have a track record of successful verdicts and settlements in cases as varied as global trucking, product liability, and medical malpractice.

I have a strong sense of commitment to political causes, which is complemented by experience working as a Democratic Congressional staffer and counsel on judiciary, national defense, energy, and environmental issues in the House of Representatives upon graduation from law school. I am also experienced in serving on Democratic campaigns across all levels; drafting memoranda on legislation; and proposing actions on the co-sponsorship of legislation.

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Renewable Energy

Wind, solar and other sustainable practices are growing. They save users money and, if successfully expanded, will solve the problem of global climate change. But laws and regulations from the federal to the local level as well the complexities of private contracts mean that customers often don’t know how to maximize their interests. In some jurisdictions, renewable energy companies are restricted in their development in order to protect entrenched fossil fuel companies and utilities. It is essential to the future of the renewable energy industry, our economy and life as we know it that we win this battle.

Civil Litigation Practice

With vast civil litigation experience, I am well positioned to enforce the rights of individuals in the areas of small business litigation, consumer protection, personal injury and voting rights. I've helped individuals fight for their rights and win against large corporations time and time again. You need not be overmatched.

Campaigns & Elections

I have experience working on campaigns at all levels, a wide variety of public policy issues and voter protection. The same principles that apply to winning cases apply to winning campaigns. Make no mistake, our democracy is under attack and we need fierce advocates (and not just lawyers) to save it. I can help your campaign.